Diet Soda – Should You Drink It?

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Diet soda – should you drink it? Probably not!


For years we have noticed that avid diet soda drinkers struggle with their weight, blood sugar control, and other features of the “metabolic syndrome.” Some of the theories are that the sweetness of artificial sweeteners tricks your brain into thinking here comes something good … but then it doesn’t. Your body is flooded with hormones expecting some incoming sugar. You are then left hungry and often end up consuming more calories. Other negative effects can include the difficulty our body has in processing artificial substances and increases our insulin resistance. Newer research has linked alterations in our gut microbiomes (bacteria) which can increase our risks for a host of illnesses including increased belly fat, insulin resistance, worsening blood sugar control. The chemicals and artificial sweeteners might alter our gut micro biomes.

So, what to do? Drink WATER. Our bodies were made to have plain water as our source of water after we were weaned from mother’s milk. Our water does not need to be flavored, or be sweet. For those of you who just can’t stand plain old water, you can flavor infuse it by putting some slices of fruit into a pitcher of water in your fridge. Lemon and lime are good.

Any beverage other than water should be an occasional treat.


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