The Road Too Often Traveled – PreDiabetes to Type 2 Diabetes

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Have  you been told that you have “Pre-Diabetes“? What does that mean? The road from normal blood sugar to a level that would qualify you to be formally diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes is a long one. Some can have pre-diabetes for years before reaching that point.

The levels of blood glucose that are used to diagnose Type 2 Diabetes are those in which the microvascular – small blood vessels – complications of diabetes can start to develop (causing damage to the kidneys, nerves, and the vessels in the eyes). However the macro-vascular – large vessels – complications such as heart disease start to occur during the “pre-diabetes” stage.

YOU can control the rate you travel down this road. YOU can even go into reverse! Healthy eating, exercising, and weight loss can improve your chances. It has been shown that losing just 7% of your body weight will lower your chances of developing diabetes by 58% in the next 5 years if you have pre-diabetes.

Learn more about pre-diabetes and insulin resistance here: National Institute of Health – Insulin Resistance 


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